About Amper Asset Management

Investment and asset management in energy

Amper Asset Management was established as a tool for the utilisation of the experience gained over ten years in energy trading, participation in the building of a decentralised energy system, and in the construction of renewable sources. The competence of Amper Asset Management is based, inter alia, on the experience gained from operating its own capacities of approx. 4 MW of solar power and from the period of ownership of Amper Market, which was one of the most important traders purchasing electricity from hydro, wind, solar and biogas sources in the Czech Republic. The main subjects of business of Amper Asset Management include investments in the development of new energy projects and increasing the efficiency of operation of existing assets. The company strategy is to combine organic growth with opportunities for acquisitions.

The investment plans mainly target the following types of assets:

  • electricity accumulation, battery storage,
  • flexible cogeneration and condensation projects in all project phases from design to functional implementation,
  • solar power plants ready for construction or in the late-stage development phase, mainly in countries without state-guaranteed prices (better valuation),
  • functional solar and wind power plants in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries, possible consolidation of projects for the period after the end of state aid,
  • waste management and energy recovery from waste,
  • projects increasing energy efficiency (energy service projects with guarantees of savings and local distribution systems).